Before the spread of the COVID-19, you could visit Thailand easily. But since we are now facing this crisis, entering Thailand and other foreign countries can be hard. 

Currently, various travel restrictions are imposed by the Thailand government. This means that you need to prepare various requirements to enter the country. 

One of the documents you need to gather is the COE or Certificate of Entry. This certificate is the most difficult to obtain as it requires a lot of effort and consumes most of your time. 

As of now, the alliance of Digital Government Development Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are planning to develop the Thailand Pass System as an alternative to the Certificate of Entry. 

With the reduced number of COVID-19 cases in the country, Thailand will be reopening its door to visitors to rebuild the economy. According to the government, it will take lesser time and effort for the tourists to obtain their Thailand Pass.

Defining Thailand Pass

 If this is your first time to encounter the term “Thailand Pass,” you might be asking what the system is all about. 

Thailand Pass is an internet-based system, which aids the travelers to obtain the document, allowing them to visit Thailand, easily. Beyond that, the process to gain Thailand Pass is more convenient than applying for the Certificate of Entry. 

Thailand Pass and the Certificate of Entry are both an application that collects important data for entry. The only difference between the former from the latter is that the Thailand Pass asks for the tourist’s travel and health details, including the vaccination certificate. All this information is needed to ease the filing process of T* and TM6 Forms. 

With the use of the Thailand Pass System, all the paperwork and documents required as compliance to COVID-19 regulation will be directed.

The Thailand Pass is made to assist the “Ease of Travel” system of the country. Aside from that, it also quickens the process of uploading required travel documents and filling in the necessary information. 

Who is Allowed to Apply for the Thailand Pass

Everyone is allowed to apply for the Thailand Pass, whether you are a foreigner or a local Thailand citizen, as long as you follow the set travel restrictions. 

Fully Vaccinated from the Following Countries

Foreigners and Thai can enter Thailand without requiring them to undergo quarantine as long as they are fully vaccinated. All you have to do is wait for at least one night in a SHA+ or ASQ hotel as you wait for your COVID 19 RT-PCR test result. 

Initially, the quarantine-free program is only available for travelers who live in a low-risk country, and there are more than 46 low COVID-19 risk countries. It means that you need to stay in either of these low-risk countries for at least three weeks before visiting Thailand. 

Fully Vaccinated Under Sandbox Program

For those travelers who are fully vaccinated but came from non-listed countries, they can visit Thailand without undergoing a quarantine program. But they are required to go through the Sandbox Program, including Samui, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Pattaya, or Bangkok Sandbox, before entering Thailand. They need to stay in these Sandbox areas for one week. 

Non-Vaccinated Under Quarantine Program

Thailand also opens its door to travelers who are partially vaccinated or still unvaccinated. But, they have to need to undertake a mandatory quarantine for no less than ten days. This means that they need to spend their ten nights in an AQ or ASQ quarantine hotel before they wander some parts of Thailand. 

What are the Requirements Needed to Apply for the Thailand Pass

Since the Thailand Pass is meant to support the “Ease of Travel,” you only need to complete a few requirements to get an entry code allowing you to enter Thailand. 

The following are the necessary requirements you need to complete. 

Required Documents:

How Long Does it Take to Process the Thailand Pass

You don’t need to wait for several weeks or months to obtain this essential document that will allow you to visit Thailand. 

You only need to wait at least three days to five days to get your Thailand Pass. This will depend on the place where you submit your Thailand Pass application. 

With that in mind, we highly recommend you submit your application for the Thailand Pass at least a week before your target departure day. 

Certificate of Entry is Still Required for Some Travelers

As we mentioned earlier, the Certificate of Entry will be replaced by the Thailand Pass. But, some visitors are still required to obtain their Certificate of Entry before coming to Thailand. 

So, who are these travelers?

Thailand Pass Application

One of the best things about applying for Thailand Pass is that it is free of charge. Beyond that, you can apply for this certificate all by yourself. 

On the other hand, a lot of travelers tend to apply for their Thailand Pass through a paid service provider, including a law firm. Paid service provider helps the visitors to collect the necessary documents and process them for you. 


Since the spread of the COVID-19, most countries have closed their doors for visitors to avoid a possible increase in COVID-19 cases. But these days, the number of cases in most countries, including Thailand, gradually reduces. That is why some of these states are reopening their door for travelers to revitalize the economy. 

But, there are various COVID-19 regulations that visitors need to follow strictly. One of these is preparing several documents that take a lot of effort and time. So, to ease your burden as a traveler, Thailand proposed the Thailand Pass – a certification showing that you are eligible to enter Thailand as long as you are completely vaccinated.